Monday, July 25, 2011

Framed Quote

I'm a huge fan of quotes and this is such a great idea, I'm definitely doing it! There's nothing like keeping quotes visible to remind you to do something like keep your chin up, or value what you have, or that there's calm after the storm. This past year I simply wrote inspirational quotes on a whiteboard but this is much classier! Enjoy!

DIY Mothers Day Gift



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music Madness

Alright, taking a break from all of the DIYs, I just had to share these! I'm so completely in love with these two songs. Enjoy!

Tree Rings

These are sooo cute! They're actually being sold on Etsy but I had to share them. If you like them, support the artist and buy one!

personalized wood tree trunk heart ring

Holiday Lights

I'm a complete sucker for Christmas time. I'm not uber religious but it's just a time of year when everything seems right in the world and so many people are happy. I know it may be far from the truth but don't wreck the mood. Anyways, I know we still have five more months until Christmas but I just found this and had to share it right away! There aren't any instructions, but once again, I can't imagine this being very hard to make. I know I'm definitely going to try it!


Okay, so last school year I was home over spring break and my toddler cousins bought me a mini cactus potted plant. I then asked my mom to get basil at the grocery store (assuming she'd just get the leaves for my tomato, basil, and mozzerella paninis [read YUM!]) and she came home with an entire potted basil plant. Well, I took the plants to school and had a blast with them. Yeah, that does sound pathetic but it was actually a lot of fun to have life in the room! I kinda wanted a fish this year but I think that might be too much work. Judge away. However, I think these might just be perfect! Enjoy!

What You Will Need:
  • A glass container
  • Gravel
  • Dirt
  • Moss
  • Twigs
  • Little plants
  • A little sculpture of whatever you want
1. Get your container!
2. Get some gravel and pour it into the cup, so it’s about half a centimeter thick.
3. Get dirt and push it down flat.
4. Grab some moss.
5. Remove the dirt.
6. Push the moss into the dirt and water it so the roots soak in.
7. Find a little plant and remove it by the roots and find twigs.
8. Place them into the cup, make sure the roots of the plant are in the soil and not sitting in the moss.
9. Rachel found a little red stone turtle to put in her cup, and I bought Tinkerbell.
buttt she was kinda of childish so I painted her gold!
10. Place in your sculpture and you are done!!
Tips: Moss is a shade plant, so keep your terrarium in the shade! and water once a day!
Total Cost: $5 just for Tinkerbell, we had everything else.
Total Time: An hour.

Heart Maps

As cheesy as it may be, this just might be my favorite project yet. It's such a great idea! You could even do different shapes! It's just a fun way of sharing memories and where you've been. This entry doesn't exactly tell you how to make them (I think that someone actually sells them) but I can't imagine them being very hard to make.
Each map heart is completely personalized using vintage maps from cities, countries or regions hand-selected by you.
This would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any cartography-lover, or a long-distance couple passing their heart back-and-forth over cities and countries each night.

Scarves Galore!

This DIY is from a clothing line who had these amazing scarves on display in their stores. Learn how to make scarves just like them to decorate your place!

good morning! today’s DIY is once again inspired by our spring store displays – specifically, the colorful silk scarves floating around the ceiling.  our team dyed and hand-painted each one of these scarves themselves! i think they’re beautiful and such a great way to add some color to a space for spring.
what you need:
for our displays, our team used silk scarves from dharma trading co. and dye-na-flow silk dye.
the dye can be applied to the fabric by simply dipping it in the dye or by using a brush, squirt bottle or sponge to create different patterns on the scarf. once dry, iron the fabric for a few minutes to fix the dye, then wash in cool water with synthrapol and rinse.
i love the mixture of printed and solid scarves our team used!
if you check out the instructions for the silk dye here, there are a number of other cool dying methods you can try, such as sun printing:
i never heard of this method before but what you do is arrange cutouts or found objects like leaves and flowers on the fabric while the dye is still wet, and lay out in the sun for a couple of hours.  when you remove the objects you’re left with ghosts of the shapes that look really beautiful.
i love the idea of sewing a bunch of scarves together like our display team did…they look like prayer flags. i am definitely going to try this and string them up in my apartment!