Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unique Fish Tanks

I've really been into the idea lately about having a pet at school. As most of you know, pets (aside from fish sans teeth) are not allowed in dorms. So, why not get a toothless fish?! These are really fun ways to keep your fish in non-traditional tanks. And remember, you found them in your neighbor's recycling.;)
original here
We’ve had these fish for just over 4 months now and they are still fighting fit! The red one is Charmander and the blue one is Squirtle! (original I know, haha) Steps after the break!
What you’ll need:
  • A 60 oz of your drink of choice (anything else would be too small and cruel for the little guys)
  • Pebbles (stones, ect anything to put at the bottom)
  • Living plant (optional)
  • Betta fish (we got beta fish because they are super strong and they don’t need a big or always clean tank)
  1. Clean the bottle!! Make sure there is no alcohol at all!! Very important!
  2. Put in the pebbles – rinse them first so there is no dust or dirt!
  3. Add in the plant, using a chop stick to get it planted in the pebbles
  4. Then, carefully put the fish with the water into the bottle. Follow the instructions given to you for water and your betta fish!
The tank is a little tricky to clean! so be very careful when pouring out the fish to clean it!
The plants add more algae into the water, so after a while we just got rid of the plants
We found that the betta fish like the pebble food over the flakes and they love blood worms!
Do not put the the tanks together!!
Total Cost: $50 for two fish, two plants, pebbles, drops, and food
The bottles were $50 each, but the kegger covered the cost of that.

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