Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flower Display

Up next, I'm really into these little displays: an excellent way to bring color to a room!
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What you’ll need:
  • Post its – or square sheets of paper
  • Pearl beads – two different sizes
  • A glass vase or bowl
So I found the how to make the flowers here:
  1. I followed those instructions and made 14 flowers of different shapes and colours.
  2. I filled the bottom of the bowl with all the big pearls and a bit of the little pearls
  3. I started placing in the flowers, as you doing this, sprinkle the pearls so they are evenly spaced out
  4. Once all the flowers are in pour the rest of the pearls in, making sure to fill in all the spaces
Total Cost: $22 (you can probably do this for cheaper, I couldn’t find pearl beads at my dollar store so I had to buy individual bracelets)

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