Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Painted Canvas

I've always loved canvas art so this is right up my alley! Here ya go!

original aqui

What You’ll Need:
  • Canvas
  • Paint and brushes (I used acrylic)
  • X-cato Knife
  • The Word “LOVE” printed out (You can choose to freehand, if you like)
  • Adobe Photoshop (optional)
1.  Type out the word “LOVE” to the size of my canvas on Adobe Photoshop. The letters were a lot smaller then the canvas length-wise so I stretched them to fit.
2. Then print it out, remember to keep it to scale, I had to print out two sheets one with LO and the other with VE
3. With the X-cato Knife I cut out the letters, to create a stencil.
4. I painted the letters pink on the blank canvas (don’t paint white yet) using the stencil.
5. Leave to dry.
6. Once dried, remove stencil so you are left with the word on the canvas.
7. So to create the vintage look, take the white paint and paint in all directions, leave spaces empty and emphasize on the brush strokes! (be very careful to not paint over the letters)
8. Then to make the letters look vintage, I took a gold paint and went over the pink in random spots!
I used an Art Deco text, but you can choose which ever text you feel portrays the look you’re going for! Have fun! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!!

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